Golden Retriever puppy price in India 

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Golden Retriever puppy cost in India varies from one city to another. Several factors influence the price of a Golden Retriever puppy, such as the puppy’s quality, the reputation of the breeder, demand, location, etc. play a major role in a Golden Retriever’s sale price.

If you are looking to buy a Golden Retriever puppy and want advice, you are in the right place. We at have extensive experience in dealing with dogs in India. We also work with several leading and reputable dog breeders in the country.

Understanding the Golden Retriever dog price in India

Our post, the Golden Retriever puppy price in India, intends to establish guidelines for both the buyer and seller of Golden Retrievers in India. Remember, dog prices can vary significantly; an imported Golden Retriever puppy can cost several lakh rupees. We consider these variances as exceptions. Our Golden Retriever price list, on the other hand, works on averages.

Golden Retriever price list in India 

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual** cost (₹)Food cost* (₹)Vet cost* (₹)Grooming cost* (₹)Accessories cost* (₹)Treat cost* (₹)Insurance cost* (₹)Others * (₹)

Reading the Golden Retriever price list

  • Cost of Golden Retriever adjusted based on the cost of living expenses in these cities.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees
  • ** Does not include the puppy cost
  • * Average monthly cost

Factors that influence the Golden Retriever price in India

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family dogs in the world. In India, people love Goldens for their gentle temperament, beautiful looks, and love for kids. These dogs can also live in apartments, villas, and rural settings and are excellent pets for first-time dog owners. No wonder they are a famous dog!

The following are some key factors that play a vital role in Golden Retriever price in India.

Golden Retriever Puppy cost

Golden Retriever puppies

Golden Retrievers, due to their popularity, fetch a premium price. An Indian Golden Retriever’s price varies based on the breeder, show versus pet quality puppy, location, and Kennel Club of India registration. Golden Retrievers in India cost between ₹12,000 to ₹40,000.

The breeder factor

There are four types of dog breeders in India.

  • Puppy mills or Breeders of profit
  • Brokers or the middlemen
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular breeders

The quality and price of your puppy Golden Retriever depend on the breeder. Remember, when it comes to buying Golden Retrievers, cheaper is NOT better. Finding the right reputable breeder will ensure a worry-free ownership experience.

Puppy mills or Breeders of profit 

Golden Retriever father and son

You want to stay away from this lot. These are people whose sole purpose is profit. Since money is vital for them, they neglect their dogs and don’t provide proper care.

Some puppy mills operate by buying inferior quality and crossbred Golden Retrievers from owners and selling these pups for profit. They use terms such as top quality, dog show winner, pure lineage, etc. to lure buyers. They also charge as little as ₹5,000 for a Golden Retriever pup.

Brokers or middlemen 

Brokers play an essential role in Golden Retriever sales. Brokers in India bring buyers and breeders together. Brokers typically take 10% to 15% commission from the resulting sale.

If you plan to buy a Golden through a broker, insist on meeting the breeder. Most brokers will be more than happy to take you to the breeder. Buying your puppy through a broker is not a bad choice.

Reputable Breeders

Golden Retriever with open mouth

There are several reputable breeders of Golden Retrievers throughout India. The best place to start your search for a reputable breeder is This website has a list of top breeders in the country. also has a “puppies available” page were reputable breeders post ads.

Remember, the quality of a pup dictates its price. Buying from a top breeder will be expensive. However, it will guarantee the quality of your puppy.

Regular breeders

Regular breeders are serious dog fanciers who love their dogs and enjoy sharing them with others. These are people who breed their dogs occasionally.

If you are looking for a household pet, we recommend finding a regular breeder and getting their pup. It is easy to spot a regular breeder. These are the people who have a pair at home. Reputable breeders typically have one male and several female dogs, whereas regular breeders have one dog or a pair.

The dog food factor

Golden Retriever ready to attack

Dog food will be your highest recurring expense. Today in India, several commercial dog food brands make a range of products. Depending on the brand you choose, your dog food cost will vary.

We recommend that you read our review of top dog food in India to get a good idea of the costs involved.

The vet factor

Before you buy a Golden puppy, it is generally good to visit a veterinarian near you. Discussing with the vet will give you a good idea of all the medical expenses you incur.

Vaccination cost 

All dogs need vaccination against common canine diseases. Your vet will give you a vaccination card. You can use the card to follow the vaccination schedule for your dog. We recommend reading our post on Golden Retrievers in India to understand a Golden Retriever’s vaccination schedule.

Neutering/Spaying cost 

Neutering is not mandatory but highly recommended for people who don’t intend to breed their dogs. Remember, spaying is a surgical procedure. If you don’t have good veterinary care in your city, then it is not advisable.

Depending on the city and the vet, spaying can cost you up to ₹10,000. While neutering has health benefits for the dog, it is not advisable without proper vet care.

Deworming and other medical expenses 

Dogs need deworming regularly. Consult your vet on the medicine to use, as the dosage is proportional to the dog’s body weight. In India, Golden Retrievers needs deworming every three to four months. Worming tablets are not expensive; each one will cost you approx ₹100.

Also, remember Golden Retrievers are active dogs and enjoy playing rough. You will need the following handy.

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids.
  • Ticks and flea powder, shampoos, and medication.
  • Ear drops to prevent ear infection.

Grooming cost

Golden Retriever watching

Golden Retrievers have a lush double coat. This breed is a high shedding one that requires daily grooming. We don’t recommend taking your Golden Retriever to a grooming service because it is easy to groom your dog yourself.

Grooming your dog improves the bond between you and your dog, it is the least expensive way to maintain your dog, and it is fun. You will need the following to groom your dog.

  • High-quality brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Towels

These are not expensive, but these are expenses that you will incur.

Golden Retriever accessories cost 

Your dog will need the following.

  • Bed
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Clicker, if you prefer clicker training.
  • Toys – Goldens love to play fetch. A tennis ball should keep them engaged.

Training cost

Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs. They are the 4th most intelligent dog on the planet. Paying for a trainer who can train your dog is not a bad idea. Dog training is not expensive in India. You should be able to find a trainer for ₹5,000 to ₹7,000.

Treat cost 

All dogs love treats. Treats are the best way to train your Golden Retriever. The cost of a Golden Retriever treat varies depending on the brand, quality, and size. Homemade treats just as fine as any commercial treat. These dogs love boiled eggs, chicken, and soups. Go ahead and treat your dog.

Golden Retriever insurance cost 

Insurance premium for a Golden Retriever that covers medical expenses will cost you ₹3,500 to ₹13,000 from Pawtech is the only insurance company in India that covers medical expenses for dogs. We believe the premiums are higher, considering that Golden’s are a healthy breed of dog. You are better off paying medical costs out of your pocket.

Golden Retriever walking and other services cost 

Dog walking and sitting services is a booming industry in India. If you plan on a vacation and need a place for your dog, you can use sitting services. Dog boarding services are expensive, will cost between ₹1,500 to ₹5,000.

Travel cost 

If you plan to take your dog on vacation, you need to account for travel costs. If you travel within India, the best form of transport for pets is the Indian Railways.

Conclusion: Golden Retriever dog price in India

Golden Retriever dog

Living with a Golden Retriever in India is fun and joyous. These dogs are excellent companions and family pets that your entire family will cherish. Understanding the total cost of ownership before you buy a puppy should give an idea about all the costs involved in owning a Golden in India.

Please read our detailed post for a complete list of dog prices in India. We have accurate pricing for over 100 breeds of dogs.