Labrador dog price in India 

Labrador dog in India

The Labrador Retriever dog is the top dog breed in India and across the globe. With rising expenses, it is essential to plan your dog ownership budget. In this post, Labrador dog price in India, we present an in-depth look at all the expenses you will incur when you bring home a Labrador.

Owning a Labrador puppy in India is no longer cheap. Hence understanding the total cost of ownership of Labradors in India will help you avoid any surprises.

Also, the cost of a Labrador puppy in India varies from one city to another. Owning a Labrador in a metro city can be much more expensive than in rural areas of India. 

We urge our readers who are looking to buy a Labrador in India to read our post thoroughly. We at strive to equip our audience with accurate information about Labrador dogs’ cost in India. 

Our post, the Labrador puppy price in India across all major Indian cities, considers all aspects of owning a Labrador puppy in India, including food cost, vet cost, and more. 

The average Labrador dog price in India is between ₹7,000 to ₹20,000. This dog breed is not very expensive and is readily available. Your total cost of ownership should be less than ₹65,000 in rural areas, and in cities, it should be less than ₹1,00,000.

Labrador Retriever Puppy price

The following are the crucial factors that influence the price of the Labrador Retriever dog.

  • Show quality Lab VS pet quality Lab – In India, a Labrador puppy’s cost depends on its quality. Breeders use “quality” to define how closely a Lab puppy conforms to the breed standards. Remember, a litter typically has only one or two show quality puppies. Pet quality puppies have minor unnoticeable faults and are an excellent choice as a family pet.
  • Breeder reputation – Always buy your Labrador Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder. A reputable dog breeder will charge a premium for their pups because of its pedigree and, more importantly, due to the amount of care they provide. The premium price that you pay will guarantee the quality of your puppy.
  • Demand and Location – Your location will also play a role in your puppy’s price. Typically, a Lab from a dog breeder in a metro city will cost you more than a breeder from a rural area. 

Why should you trust our Lab price in India? 

The following are some of the reasons why you should trust our Labrador dog price in India.

  • At, we have over 30 years of experience in the dog industry in India.
  • We are both dog lovers and dog breeders who have first-hand experience in dog breeding.
  • We also work with other dog breeders, brokers, and vets, enabling us to gauge India’s dog prices.

Above all, we are dog lovers who wish to share our experiences and learnings with other dog lovers.

Understanding Labrador puppy cost in India

The average life span of a Labrador Retriever in India is between 10 to 12 years. Owning a Lab is an extremely delightful experience and, at the same time, a responsibility. As a dog lover, you need to do plan for the following. 

  • Provide your dog with high-quality dog food
  • A comfortable place for your puppy to live
  • Sufficient exercise for it to be healthy

With the cost of owning dogs in India rising, you need to have a solid financial plan to avoid unexpected financial stress.

Most pet parents make the mistake of assuming that their expenses stop after they buy their Labrador puppy and miss to account for the time, effort, and money required to maintain a Labrador dog. 

Remember, your purebred Labrador puppy will live with you for the next ten years. Hence, don’t make the mistake of assuming that your expenses stop after you buy your Lab puppy.

Labrador dog price list 

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual cost (₹)Food cost * (₹)Vet cost * (₹)Grooming cost * (₹)Accessories cost * (₹)Treat cost * (₹)Insurance cost * (₹)Others * (₹)

Reading the Labrador price list 

  • The cost of the Labrador dog is adjusted based on the cost of living expenses in these cities.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees
  • ** Does not include the puppy cost
  • * Average monthly cost

How to read our Labrador Retriever dog price in all major cities in India?

Yellow Lab

Our post on Labrador dog price considers all crucial factors for planning Lab ownership in India. Factors such as the puppy’s quality, puppy food cost, vet cost, insurance cost, travel cost, treat expense, etc. all play a significant role in influencing the total cost of Lab ownership in India.

The prices we present here take into account items that are best for the dog. For instance, many people feed their Labs homemade food. While homemade food is not a bad choice, it is not an optimal choice for your dog. Hence, our dog food cost takes into account a high-quality commercial dog food and not homemade food.

Also, a Lab mix from a puppy mill will cost you several thousand rupees less than a pedigree puppy. Again, our price list does not account for a Lab mix. Instead, it takes into account the price for a purebred Labrador Retriever dog.

In short, when you read our price list, kindly assume that the prices indicated here assume medium to high-quality products and services for your dogs. 

Remember, there are always exceptions on both sides. A Lab puppy from an imported pair will cost your several thousand rupees more. At the same time, a Lab mix puppy from a puppy mill will be several thousand rupees less. We consider these exceptions, and our Labrador dog price in India does not account for these exceptions.

Factors that influence the Labrador Retriever price  

Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the world. People love this dog for is balanced temperament, intelligence, and trainability. Due to these exceptional traits, Lab excels in several roles, such as gun dog, disability assistance dog, therapy dog, police dog, guide dog, and a family dog.

Labrador Retriever is similar to the Golden Retriever in temperament and intelligence. However, this dog is not a good guard dog. They look at all humans as friends, which makes them unfit as a guard dog. If you are looking for a guard dog, you are better off with a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler.

In the following section of our post, we present an in-depth look at each Labrador ownership aspect. The following are some key factors that play a crucial role in the Lab puppy price in India.

Labrador Puppy cost

Labrador Puppy cost

The first expense that you incur will be the puppy cost. Labs are in great demand in India. Finding a quality purebred pup and a reputable breeder in your city will take time.

Remember, Labs have a life span of 10 to 12 years. Never buy a pup in haste. Most of us make the mistake of walking into a pet shop and bringing home a puppy having no idea about its pedigree.

The following factors contribute to the total cost of ownership of Labrador Retriever in India.

The breeder factor

The breeder’s reputation has the most significant influence on the cost of the Labrador puppy. A Lab puppy from a reputable breeder will be expensive but will be purebred. In comparison, a Lab puppy from a pet shop or a puppy mill will be cheap but will not be purebred. Always buy your Lab from a reputable breeder. The premium price that you pay will ensure a worry-free ownership experience. Avoid buying your Lab from puppy mills and pet shops. 

You can buy your puppy from any one of the following places in India.

  • Pet shops
  • Puppy mills or Breeders of profit
  • Brokers
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular home breeders

Pet shop

Never window shop for a Labrador. All puppies are cute. Don’t walk into a pet shop and walk out with a puppy. Always learn, plan, and then choose your Lab. As a dog owner, you need to first learn about the breed, its standards, traits, and requirements. Then you need to plan, plan your budget, find the right breeder, right vet, and prepare your family. Finally, choose your puppy.

We don’t recommend buying your Lab from a pet shop because there is no way to validate the puppy’s lineage. Remember, people forge even the Kennel Club of India (KCI) certificates. Just because a pet shop says they have KCI certified pups does not mean that the puppies are purebred.

Only buy your Lab puppy from a pet shop after ensuring the following.

  • Insist on meeting the dog breeder and the puppy’s parents.
  • Meet the puppy along with its mother. 
  • Insist on KCI certification for the puppy and review the parent dogs.
  • Take feedback from other dog owners who bought puppies from the pet shop.

Puppy mill

Never buy your Labrador puppy from a puppy mill. Puppy mills work only for profit. Puppy mills work closely with pet shops. Hence we don’t recommend buying your Labrador from a pet shop or a puppy mill. The only thing that these dog breeders care about is profit. 

Puppy mills have several breeding pairs. They don’t feed their dogs, nor do they take proper care and keep their dogs in small and confined places.

It is easy to spot a puppy mill. These breeders will never allow you to meet the puppy’s parents. They often use catchy phrases such as show winner, purebred, KCI papers, low price, etc. to lure you. Buying your Lab from such a place can result in disaster as there is no guarantee of the puppy’s health, mental stability, or genetic purity. 


Dog brokers play a vital role in bringing dog breeders and dog lovers together. All breeders rely on brokers to help sell their puppies. Good brokers will take you to the breeder directly. They will also lead you away from puppy mills.

Never buy your Lab from a broker directly. Always insist on meeting the dog breeder and dealing with them directly. Dog brokers take a small fee in exchange for their services. 

Dog brokers can also guide you. Brokers understand the dog market better than anyone and can help you choose the right puppy for you and guide you during your initial days of dog ownership.

Reputable Breeders 

Reputable breeders are the best place to buy your purebred puppy. Reputable Labrador breeders care about their dogs, ensure proper health, and spare no expense in taking care of their dogs. Hence, buying from them will cost you more.

Another benefit of buying from a reputable breeder is the guidance that they can provide. As a new dog owner, you will need support from experienced dog owners to get started and give answers to any questions or concerns you might have.

The premium that you pay for your Lab puppy will ensure worry-free ownership. You can find reputable breeders on on the puppies available page.

Regular home breeders 

Home breeders are serious dog lovers who breed their Labradors infrequently and are not professionals. These are people who love their dogs and enjoy sharing them with others and don’t breed their dogs for profit.

Buying your purebred puppy from a home breeder is an excellent option if you can find one. Buying from a home breeder will be less expensive than from a reputable breeder. The downside to home breeders is that they are not professionals and will not have much breeding experience. 

If you come across a home breeder willing to sell their puppy, do the following. 

  • Insist on looking at KCI certification of their breeding pair.
  • Insist on meeting the puppy along with its parent.
  • Ask for a reference, someone who can vouch for the quality of their dogs.

The dog food cost for Labrador dog in India 

Dog food will be your highest recurring expense. We recommend feeding high-quality dog food. For your purebred puppy to reach its full potential, it needs a high-quality diet. Also, Labs are prone to obesity. Feeding rice-based homemade food will increase the risk of obesity.

We recommend that you read our top dog food review in India to get a detailed view of the costs involved.

On average, expect your monthly dog food cost to be between ₹3,000 to ₹4,500. 

The vet factor

Labrador Retriever puppies

Before you buy your Labrador puppy, find a vet near you. Meet the vet to understand common health issues of this dog breed. The vet can also give you a good idea of all the medical costs you incur when you own a Lab.

Labrador is a healthy breed of dogs with few health ailments and is well suited for India’s hot and humid conditions. Your average annual medical expense should be less than ₹5,000.

The following will be your recurring medical expenses.

  • Vaccination cost
  • Deworming cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Others

Vaccination cost

Your purebred puppy will need vaccinations against canine diseases. Parvo is a deadly disease caused by Parvovirus. Most breeders will vaccinate their litter before they sell. Check with your breeder and ensure that you complete all the vaccination recommended by your vet.

A vaccination card will help you to keep track of your puppy’s vaccination schedule. You can get your vaccination card from your vet. Each canine vaccine in India can cost between ₹750 to ₹1,500 depending on the vaccine and the puppy’s age. 

Neutering/Spaying cost

If you don’t intend to breed your Labrador Retriever dog, we recommend that you spay your dog. Breeding Labs is not for everyone. Don’t assume that you can make easy money by breeding your Lab. Dog breeding is expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Leave the breeding to experts and enjoy the company of your dog. Spaying your dog is a surgical procedure. Spay your dog only if you have competent veterinary care in your city. 

The cost of spaying varies from one city to another. In rural areas, it can cost you between ₹4,000 to ₹6,000, whereas in metro cities such as Mumbai or Chennai or Delhi, it can cost up to ₹12,000.

Deworming and other medical expenses 

Deworming your dog will help your Lab retain the nutrition from its food effectively. Consult your vet on the worming medication, schedule, and dosage. Worming dosage is proportional to your Labrador’s weight. Your vet will be able to guide you with the precise dosage.

In India, dogs need deworming every three to four months, depending on their food habits and age. Worming medicines are not expensive; each will cost you approx ₹100.

In addition to this medicine, you will also need

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids. Approx ₹500
  • Ticks and flea powder, shampoos, etc. Approx ₹1,500

Grooming cost 

Labrador in India occurs in the following color

  • Black 
  • Yellow
  • Chocolate

Black and Yellow Lab is common, and the Chocolate Lab is less common. Labs have a single medium-to-short coat that does not require regular grooming. Grooming your Lab once a week should keep their fur in proper shape. Labrador is a medium shedding breed. They shed their coat year long.

You will need the following to groom your puppy.

  • Grooming brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Towels

Labrador is a gun dog and enjoys being in water and swimming. Don’t bathe your Lab more than once a month. Also, never use shampoos and soaps meant for humans on your dog. 

Labrador Retriever accessories cost

Your Lab will need the following.

  • Bed
  • Small collar and leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys

Expect the annual accessories cost to be approx ₹5,000.

Training cost

Labrador Swimming

Lab, due to their intelligence, is an easy to train breed. They love to please their master and enjoy working. This dog also loves water. We recommend hiring a professional trainer to make training easy and hassle-free.

You can also follow YouTube videos and train your Lab. Training your dog is enjoyable and helps build a close bond with your dog. If you decide to hire a trainer for your dog, it will cost you approx ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 per month.

Treat cost 

Dogs are like children and enjoy treats from their masters. As a dog lover, we recommend that you treat your dog with high-quality homemade treats. 

Treats are an excellent way to bond with your Lab. You can use goodies as a means to motivate and train your puppy. We don’t recommend commercial treats for your dog. Homemade treats such as eggs, cheese, paneer, meat, and veggies are an excellent choice.

Labrador Retriever insurance cost 

Labs in India are a healthy dog breed. You should be able to pay all your dog’s medical expenses from your pocket. In India, you can also buy medical insurance for your Labrador from The insurance premium should cost you between ₹6,000 to ₹12,000.

Labrador walking and other services cost 

Labrador is a hunting dog and requires extensive exercise to stay in shape. Remember, your Lab is prone to obesity, which in turn can cause heart and other serious health issues. Labs need at least one hour of physical activity each day.

If you don’t have time to spare, you can hire a dog walker depending on your city. A dog walker will charge you ₹500 to ₹1,500 per month.

Travel cost 

The best way to travel with your Lab is to book a ticket in Indian Railways or take your dog along in your car. Airline tickets for dogs are expensive. If you don’t plan to take your dog along, you can choose a boarding kennel or a dog hotel.

Alternatives to a Labrador Retriever in India 

If, for some reason, you are not able to find a Lab in your city. You can choose the following dog breeds. These dogs are similar to a Labrador Retriever.

  • Golden Retriever 
  • German Shepherd dog
  • Pomeranian 
  • Beagle
  • Pug

Remember, native Indian dog breeds are also an excellent choice. Indian dogs thrive in our weather and are easy to maintain.

Conclusion: Labrador Retriever dog price

Image of black Labrador dogs

Labrador Retriever is an excellent companion dog. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal dogs. If you are looking for a companion dog, look no further than Labrador.
You can expect your annual expense to be between ₹60,000 to ₹85,000. The total cost of ownership varies depending on location, type of services that you avail for your puppy.