Pitbull price in India

Pitbull Black and White puppy

Understanding the Pitbull price in India will help you plan your budget. In this post, we present a detailed breakdown of all the expenses that you will incur when you own a Pitbull in India. We encourage you to learn about this dog breed before you buy a Pitbull.

Pitbulls are large and powerful dogs. If you are looking to buy a Pitbull Terrier and plan your budget, you are in the right place. We at barks.in are both dog lovers and dog breeders. Our experience in working with dog breeds in India gives us a deep understanding of India’s pet industry. As a pet lover for several decades, we understand the expenses that one incurs. And as reputable breeders, we also know the time, effort, and costs of breeding dogs in India.

In India today, the Pitbull puppy price varies between ₹25,000 to ₹35,000, depending on several factors. Factors such as

  • Show quality versus pet quality puppies – The quality of the Pitbull puppy depends on its lineage. Litter from top Pitbull lines will be much more expensive than unknown Pitbull lines.
  • The breeder’s reputation– A large breed such as a Pitbull needs to be mentally stable. Suppose you buy your dog from a puppy mill. In that case, the chances of getting an unmanageable dog are much higher than buying from a reputable breeder.
  • Location – Cost of Pitbull ownership greatly varies from one city in India to another.

Remember, the Kennel Club of India (KCI) does not recognize Pitbulls. You will not be able to register Pitbulls with KCI. The only way to know the Pitbull pedigree is through the breeder. Hence, if you plan to buy a Pitbull in India, only buy it from reputable breeders.

Is the Pitbull the right dog for you?

If you are looking to buy a Pitbull for your home, we encourage you to take the simple quiz below. Most first-time dog owners find it difficult to decide on the right dog breed for their family.

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Pitbull price list in India

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual cost (₹)Food cost * (₹)Vet cost * (₹)Grooming cost * (₹)Accessories cost * (₹)Treat cost * (₹)Insurance cost * (₹)Others * (₹)
Mumbai28,50044,500 1,35,6007,0006007008004004001,400
Delhi28,00044,000 1,34,4006,9006007008004004001,400
Bangalore27,50043,000 1,32,0006,8006007008004004001,300
Hyderabad27,00042,500 1,30,8006,7006007008004004001,300
Ahmedabad26,50042,000 1,29,6006,6006007008004004001,300
Chennai26,50042,000 1,28,4006,5006007008004004001,300
Kolkata26,50042,000 1,28,4006,5006007008004004001,300
Surat24,50037,000 1,11,6006,3004005006002002001,100
Pune24,00036,500 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Jaipur24,00036,500 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Lucknow24,00036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Kanpur24,00036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Nagpur24,00036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Indore23,50036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Thane23,50036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Bhopal23,50036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Visakhapatnam25,50041,000 1,27,2006,4006007008004004001,300
Patna23,50036,000 1,10,4006,2004005006002002001,100
Vadodara23,50036,000 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Ghaziabad23,50036,000 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Ludhiana23,50036,000 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Agra23,50036,000 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Nashik23,50036,000 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Srinagar23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Allahabad23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Howrah23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Ranchi23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Coimbatore25,50040,500 1,26,0006,3006007008004004001,300
Vijayawada23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Chandigarh23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Mysore25,50040,500 1,26,0006,3006007008004004001,300
Gurgaon23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Bhubaneswar23,50035,500 1,09,2006,1004005006002002001,100
Noida25,50040,500 1,26,0006,3006007008004004001,300
Kochi25,50040,500 1,26,0006,3006007008004004001,300

Reading the Pitbull price list 

  • Cost of Pitbull adjusted based on the cost of living expenses in these cities.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees
  • ** Does not include the puppy cost
  • * Average monthly cost

Understanding the Pitbull puppy cost in India

In this section of our post, the Pitbull puppy price in India, we want you to understand all the expenses you will incur while owning a Pitbull. In India,

people often make the mistake of ignoring the recurring costs involved when owning a Pitbull. 

We consider only the initial Pitbull puppy price and miss expenses such as dog food costs, vet costs, and insurance costs. A large dog such as the Pitbull requires much care. Remember, buying a good quality puppy is only the start of a long journey. For your Pitbull puppy to reach its impressive size, it needs high-quality nutrition. Dog food in India is expensive, a cost that you cannot ignore.

It would be best if you also considered medical care costs, training costs, insurance costs, accessory costs, etc. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your expenses stop after you buy the Pitbull puppy.

How to read our Pitbull price list across all major cities in India? 

Pitbull dog puppy

Pitbull Terrier is a cross between the Bulldog and Terrier-type dogs. These dogs are large, muscular, and dangerous. In India, people choose Pitbulls guard dogs.

Remember, Pitbull is the most dangerous dog in the world. They are responsible for 284 fatal attacks on humans. These are not dogs for everyone. We urge our readers to read and understand the implications of owning a Pitbull in our Pitbulls in India post.

We have seen several dog lovers get a Pitbull without understanding this dog breed fully. A Pitbull when on full attack mode is unstoppable and unrelenting. With speed and power, this dog can cause severe and fatal injuries to people and other pets.

These dogs are so dangerous that several countries have laws that prevent people from owning a Pitbull as pets. India does not have any breed-specific legislation for Pitbulls. Lack of law does not imply that you buy a Pitbull.

Factors that influence the Pitbull price in India

The following are some vital factors that influence the cost of Pitbull dogs in India.

Pitbull Puppy cost

Pitbulls, due to their popularity as an intimidating and powerful dog fetch a premium price. Also, these dogs are rare, which contributes to an increase in price. 

A Pitbull puppy’s price varies based on the breeder, pedigree, quality of the puppy, and location. Breeders across India use an average base price between ₹25,000 to ₹35,000. They then include the cost of living expenses, dog food costs, and other maintenance costs to arrive at their final price.

The breeder cost for Pitbull in India

If you decide to buy a Pitbull in India, choosing the right breeder is the most vital factor. Reputable breeders ensure that they breed dogs that conform to their breed standards. Also, they make sure that their Pitbulls are mentally stable. 

Never make the mistake of buying your Pitbull from puppy mills and pet shops. You don’t want an aggressive Pitbull in your home.

The following are the popular places where you can buy a Pitbull in India

  • Pet shops
  • Puppy mills or Breeders of profit
  • Brokers or the middlemen
  • Reputable breeders

Pet shops 

The guideline for buying a Pitbull in India from a pet shop is to make sure of the following.

  • Insist on meeting the dog breeder and speaking to them
  • Never buy a Pitbull puppy right out of the shop. Always meet the dog breeder and the puppy’s parents.
  • Meet both the parent dogs

Remember, not all pet shops sell poor quality pups. However, in our opinion, the best place to buy a puppy is directly from the breeder. 

Puppy mills 

Puppy mills and Pitbulls don’t go together. You don’t want to buy your puppy from this lot. Puppy mills are easy to spot. These are people who purchase Pitbulls in lots from shady breeders and sell them cheap. For unsuspecting buyers, the deals these puppy mills offer will be too attractive to miss. If someone offers you a Pitbull for less than ₹10,000, you are most likely dealing with a puppy mill.


Brokers play an essential role in the sale and determining the price of Pitbulls in India. There are good brokers and shady ones. Top brokers will take you directly to the breeder. They are transparent and will guide you. A dog broker typically makes a 10% to 15% commission.  

If you plan to buy your Pitbull puppy via a broker, insist on meeting the breeder. 

Reputable Breeders 

When it comes to choosing a Pitbull, the best possible option is to buy the Pitbull puppy from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders care for their dogs and ensure that their Pitbulls go to homes capable of taking care of them.

Buying your Pitbull from a reputable breeder might cost you more but consider the additional money worthy of investment. Also, reputable breeders will not sell their pups everyone willing to pay. 

We at barks.in will never sell our German Shepherd pups to people who don’t have enough experience. The well being of our dogs and the breed is more critical for us than the money we make.

Remember, KCI does not register Pitbulls in India. You will need to be thorough in your research before you buy a Pitbull dog in India.

Regular home breeders

Home breeders are people who love their dogs and are not professional breeders. They typically have a pair and breed them at home. Pitbulls are not for everyone. We don’t recommend buying your dog from casual home breeders.

The dog food cost for Pitbull in India

Pitbull Aggressive

Pitbull is a large breed of dog. While they can survive in homemade food, if you want your dog to reach its impressive size, homemade food alone will not be sufficient. 

Quality dog food in India is expensive. We recommend that you read our review of India’s best dog food to make the right choice. Remember, dog food will be your highest recurring expense. 

For a large dog breed such as the Pitbull, you can, on average, expect your monthly dog food cost to be between ₹6,500 to ₹8,500. 

Vet cost for Pitbull in India

Before you bring home your Pitbull puppy, visit a veterinarian near you. Your vet can give you a good idea of all the medical expenses you will incur and guide you. The following are your recurring vet cost.

  • Vaccination cost
  • Deworming cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Others

Vaccination cost for Pitbull in India

All puppies need their vaccinations. When you buy your Pitbull puppy, check with the breeder on the vaccinations due for your puppy. Typically, Pitbull breeders vaccinate their puppies before they sell.

Get a vaccination card from your vet to keep track of your puppy’s vaccination schedule. In India, puppy vaccine shots cost between ₹750 to ₹1,500. 

Neutering/Spaying cost for Pitbull in India

We recommend that you neuter your Pitbull. Breeding large and dangerous dogs like the Pitbull is not recommended. Neutering your puppy also helps it avoid health issues.

The cost of spaying varies from one location to another. The average price for neutering is between ₹4,000 to ₹12,000, depending on your city.

Deworming and other medical expenses

Pitbulls are Terrier-type dogs. These dogs are curious and have a strong sense of smell. They like to chew anything that fits their mouth. Hence, your Pitbull puppy will need regular deworming. 

Worming your Pitbull dog aids its health and helps it to retain nutrition. The dosage of the medicine is proportional to the dog’s body weight. Your vet should be able to prescribe the correct dosage for your Pitbull. 

Worming medicines are not expensive; each one will cost you approx ₹100. In addition to worming treatment, you will also need ticks and flea powder, shampoos, and medication. Approx ₹1,500

Pitbull grooming cost

Pitbull Puppy cute

Pitbulls are easy to maintain, and they adapt well to India’s hot and humid climate. Their single short coat does not require any grooming. However, these dogs need their bath. We don’t recommend bathing your Pitbull more than once a month. You can expect your average Pitbull grooming cost to be approx ₹150 per month.

You will need the following for grooming your Pitbull dog.

  • Grooming brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Towels

Pitbull accessories cost

Your dog will need the following.

  • A bed for your Pitbull to rest
  • Collar and Leash – Ensure you buy a strong collar and leash; these are powerful dogs that can break chains.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Toys – Remember, Pitbulls can break almost all the toys that you can find. They have powerful jaws. 
  • Beware of dogs sign is a must if you have Pitbull at home.

Training cost for Pitbull in India

Training your Pitbull by hiring a professional dog trainer is highly recommended. Remember, these dogs are robust and unrelenting when on the attack. You want to make sure that you can control your dog through verbal cues. In India, hiring a Pitbull trainer will cost you between ₹7,000 to ₹10,000. While it is expensive, it is money well spent.

Pitbull Treat cost

Pitbulls love treats, and it helps them bond with people. Treats are the best way to train your Pitbull. You can use treats to encourage good behavior.

Commercial dog treats are expensive. We recommend homemade treats for your Pitbull. Treats such as boiled eggs, cheese, paneer, cooked meat, and veggies are excellent choices. While homemade dog treats are inexpensive, these are expenses that you still need to plan.

Pitbull insurance cost 

We urge our readers to buy pet insurance for your Pitbull. For an aggressive dog like the Pitbull, third party liability insurance is critical. The liability insurance coverage will cover the cost that you might incur if your dog accidentally bites someone. 

Insurance premium for a Pitbull covering medical and liability will cost you ₹5,500 to ₹15,000 from Pawtechindia.com

Pitbull walking and other services cost 

Four Pitbull-type dogs

Dog walking is a flourishing business in India. This service is available only in select cities. You can hire a dog walker for ₹500 to ₹1,500 per month. Remember, Pitbulls are aggressive towards strangers. You need to ensure that your dog becomes friendly with its walker before you engage their services.

Travel cost for Pitbull in India

Most Indian airlines will not fly Pitbull. The best option is the Indian Railways. You need to pre-book the ticket. Railways do not allow pets to travel alone. You also need someone to accompany the dog. 

Conclusion: Pitbull dog price in India

Pitbull Attack Stats

Pitbulls are not for everyone. This dog breed is the most dangerous dog on the planet. Pitbulls are responsible for more human deaths than any other dog breed. Attacks by Pitbulls are gruesome.

If you are looking for a guard dog, a native Indian dog breed such as the Rajapalayam dog or the Kombai dog is a far better choice than a Pitbull. Native dogs are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Remember, the total annual cost of ownership of a Pitbull can be over one lakh rupees. Dog ownership is an expensive hobby. Don’t make the mistake of counting only the Pitbull puppy price when you plan your budget. Your biggest expense will be the recurring cost.