Sujata Powermatic Plus review

Sujata calls the Powermatic Plus “The all-rounder.” With impressive features such as a powerful 900W motor, 22000 RPM, and 90 mins run time, let us see how well the all-rounder tag suits the Sujata Powermatic Plus. This is our review of the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 watts juicer mixer grinder.

The Verdict

The Sujata Powermatic Plus strikes an excellent balance between price and features. You get the 900W powerhouse of a motor that can grind just about anything, long run time without overheating worries, and a good enough build quality. However, we don’t think the Powermatic Plus is an all-rounder. It really outshines its peers making juice but does not do well when grinding. Asking the Sujata Powermatic Plus to blend is the same as asking a toddler to water paint… the jars leak, spill, and create a mess (not airtight, you see!). 

If you are someone who caught the juicing bug (there are quite a few out there), look no further than the Powermatic Plus. Think of this mixie as a juicer that can grind. If your grinding & blending needs outweigh the juicing, the fancy Hamilton Beach 58700-IN or the best-value Bajaj Rex 500W might be a better choice. You can also consider the Sujata Dynamix.

+ The Good 

  • The 900W motor is a proven workhorse that you can trust.
  • top-of-the-line juicer capable of juicing a carrot in less than 30 secs.
  • Durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, trouble-free, and reliable mixie.
  • Long run time + 900W motor speed = Grind anything.

– The Bad 

  • The jars are leaky and not airtight this makes blending messy.
  • The Powermatic Plus scores high on juicing but is a letdown by missing the basic chutney jar.
  • 900W power consumption on max load
  • Cleaning this mixie is like bathing a cat… Not easy!
  • Loud, noisy, “wake-everyone-up” mixie.
  • At ₹5000+, this product is not cheap. 
  • 1-year warranty and below-average customer support do not exude confidence.

Rating of Sujata Powermatic 900W mixer grinder 

The below is the rating of the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W mixer grinder.

  • Overall 61% 61%
  • Design 57% 57%
  • Performance 82% 82%
  • Ease of use 61% 61%
  • Customer Support 44% 44%

Feature of Sujata Powermatic 900W mixer grinder


900 watts


Long run time


2 Jars + juicer attachment


100% Stainless Steel blades


22000 RPM operation


Shockproof ABS plastic

a closer look at the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 watt mixer grinder 

Is the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W mixer grinder a worthy addition to my home? In the Sujata mixer grinder review, we get into the nut and bolts of this JMG. Before buying the “all-rounder,” ensure that it scores well on the below factors. As long as the Powermatic Plus 900W ticks these boxes, you can be confident in your purchase. 

  1. Design – The build quality, long-life, number of jars, and other accessories.
  2. Performance – Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W’s ability to be helpful around your kitchen. Grinding masalas, blending chutneys, making juices, and batters for idli & dosa.
  3. Ease of use – Is it easy to clean? What about hands-free use?
  4. Support – What happens when you end up with a lemon (broken/repair piece)?


The Powermatic Plus 900W is no prince charming (ugly is the right word). The large juicer attachment, the pale white ABS body, and jars are just too outdated. It is as if the designers were from a different century. If the looks are bad, wait till you clean the juicer. For a mixie that costs ₹5000+, its looks are simply not up to the mark!

Build Quality & durability

Build quality

You cannot call Powermatic Plus’s build outstanding. However, it is decently built and should last for several years (of course, with due care). The ABS plastic that houses the 900W motor unit is durable, and all of this Sujata juicer mixer grinder’s jars are ABS Plastic. This mixie is popular in juice parlors and can withstand heavy use.

In the box

In the box

Sujata ships this mixie with two jars, the base unit, a juicer attachment, a manual, a power supply flex cord, and the warranty card.

Mixer grinder jar


For a mixie that costs ₹5000, 2-jars is not justifiable. Not including a small chutney jar is a disaster. You need to meddle around with the large jar to make ginger garlic paste for a four-member family (not very convenient, eh!). Also, the jars are ABS plastic and not SS. We also found that the lids are not watertight… well, blending and leaky jars are not good bedfellows. Also, the lids don’t have a clip, so bid goodbye to hands-free use. On a positive note, the 900W motor is a gem. Your idli batters should come out silky smooth.

Mixer grinder dimensions


Bajaj Rex 500W is not an elephant! At merely, 17 inches tall, the Rex is compact. 16.6 x 11.2 x 5.5 inches.

Mixer grinder base

Base unit

This Sujata mixer grinder’s base has anti-skid feet for stability and grip. This juicer mixer grinder is so loud when grinding hard items, not only your family but your neighbors will also hear it grind. We also found it difficult to put back the juicer attachment. We wish there were guide markings to help with the attachment.


The best thing about this mixie is its 900W double ball bearing motor. It develops 22000RPM, more than enough power for your kitchen needs, and has a run time of 90 mins. Carrots and beetroots turn into juices instantly, masalas come out fine, and dosa batter will put any wet grinder to shame. Watching the Powermatic Plus do its job is deeply satisfying. If you ignore the noise, it is like magic!

Controls and Speed

Control and Speed

Like 95% of the mixer grinders in India, the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W comes with a 3-speed control knob (rotary action switch) and a pulse option through the whipper button. Use the whipper button for the momentary motion to whip eggs. It lacks overload protection, internal cooling, auto cut-off, noise reduction, etc.


Making Juices

This Sujata juicer mixer grinder outshines its peers in making juices by retaining the fruit’s original flavor and aroma. It can extract approx 85% (does not give you a higher yield) of the juice in seconds which shows in the 100s of positive Amazon user reviews.

Wet grinding

Wet grinding - Idli and Dosa Batter

The Sujata Powermatic Plus excels in wet grinding. The only issue is with its leaky jars. The Powermatic Plus can grind out amazing idli and dosa batter if you are careful. The size of the jars only limits you.

Dry grinding

Dry grinding - Masala

With ease, the Powermatic Plus dispatches turmeric, pepper, biryani masala, and masala for every other dish. Even if the morning alarm clock fails, dry grinding in this mixie will get your family up and running early. This is a noisy mixie. This mixie does not toil.

Silky smooth juices

Blending - Soups and smoothies

The Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W jars are leaky in blending. While it excels in making juices when blending your banana or apple smoothie, be prepared to spill a little. The lack of a small jar means you will be making coconut chutneys for your family, your neighbors, and their neighbors.

Ease of use

The Powermatic Plus is… well in between, easy to use but difficult to clean. While the grinding jars are easy to use, the juicer attachment is difficult to attach. The lack of markings in the base unit makes things complicated. You will need to fiddle around before you get the hang of it.

Mess free cleaning


The jars are easy to clean. However, the juicer attachment is a different story. Taking it apart and cleaning it is easier said than done. We wish this Sujata mixer grinder’s unique honeycomb filter mesh had a simplistic design for easier cleaning. After each use, remember to wipe the base unit with a wet towel.

Safety ensured


The ABS plastic offers excellent insulation. But features like an auto cut-off, jar lid locks, overload protection, etc., are amiss in the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W.


    Sujata’s customer support is average at best and bad the rest of the time. Searching through user reviews, we could find several unhappy customers. We wish, as consumers, that the product support improves.

    Key differentiators of the Sujata Powermatic 900W mixer grinder from others in the market 

    If you are someone “on edge,” unable to make up your mind, here are some key features that separate the Powermatic Plus from the rest. We hope this list will help you make up your mind.

    • Best-in-class juicer – Several juice parlors use this JMG. A testament to its reliability
    • 900W motor – 900W power that is more than enough for your everyday needs
    • Durable – The Powermatic plus will serve you for many years to come

    Similar Sujata mixer grinders, upgrades, etc. that you can consider

    The below are some of the other mixer grinders from Sujata’s stable that you can consider.

    1. Powermatic Juicer – Same mixies sans the 2-jars; Amazon Link for Powermatic Juicer
    2. Multimix – A different offering from Sujata; Amazon Link for Sujata Multimix

    Alternatives to the Sujata Powermatic Plus JMG 

    The below are other top juicer mixer grinders in the market that you can consider.

    1. Hamilton Beach 58770 – One of the best in the market.
    2. Wonderchef Nutri Blend – One of the best-selling JMG on Amazon.
    3. Preethi Zodiac MG-218 – Expensive but good. Another top-seller on Amazon.
    4. Other top-selling JMGs on Amazon.

    Alternate places to buy the Sujata Powermatic 900W Plus juicer mixer grinder

    You can buy the Sujata Powermatic Plus from several online and offline retailers across India. For your benefit, we’ve provided a few useful links for you. Remember, when buying online, always choose a reliable retailer with returns.

    1. Flipkart
    2. TataCliq

    Conclusion: Sujata Powermatic Plus mixer grinder review

    Review of Sujata Powermatic Plus 900W juicer

    Is the Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 W juicer mixer grinder an all-rounder? No! it is not. It is an excellent juicer that can also grind. While this 900W unit is a gem, this product is not without its limitations. The biggest letdown was the missing small chutney jar, and this mixer grinder price is high. On the plus side, it is durable, powerful, and versatile. We hope you liked our review of the Sujata juicer mixer grinder.

    Remember, if your grinding & blending needs outweigh the juicing, the fancy Hamilton Beach 58700-IN or the best-value Bajaj Rex 500W might be a better choice. You can also consider the Sujata Dynamix Dx.

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