Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder with Nutri-pro

This post is a closer look at the Bajaj Rex mixer grinder to know what makes it the #1 in Amazon’s bestseller mixer grinder list. With a 500W motor, 3 jars, good enough build quality, attractive pricing, Bajaj has pulled off the perfect mixer grinder for the average Indian home.

The Verdict

The Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder is a perfect blend of attractive pricing, long-life, mid-range build quality, all packaged into one. It was as if Bajaj took the feedback from 100s of Indian homes and somehow combined everything into one.
The Bajaj Rex 500W is never too much or too little. The 500W motor has enough bite to do the job. The 3 SS jars are rightly-sized for the average Indian family. Its standard 3-speed control has nothing special about it, and it has a design that is neither too pleasing nor too drab.
Overall, the Bajaj Rex… well! is neither too much nor too little mixie. If you are looking for something more (or less), then look elsewhere. Ask the Bajaj Rex to do anything slightly above its comfort zone, and it will moan and complain.

+ The Good 

  • Tons of positive feedback on Amazon with an excellent 4-stars rating.
  • Mouthwatering price. Less than ₹2500
  • Best value for money. Comes with three SS jars, a 500W motor, and mid-range build quality.
  • It does what it was meant to do brilliantly. As long as you don’t expect anything more, Rex is perfect.
  • The Bajaj Rex can perform most kitchen tasks, from blending chutneys to grinding masalas.

– The Bad 

  • The Bajaj Rex 500W is a good low-end mixer grinder. Ask it to do anything beyond the basic chores it will complain 
  • You get what you paid for; Rex’s build quality reflects its price
  • The 500W motor struggles with anything harder than black pepper. There is a good chance that the turmeric you put in will come out not fine but coarse. 
  • Not the greatest after-sales support and most definitely not the best warranty (1-year).

Features to look forward to


500W motor


3 SS Jars


Vacuum feet


Multi-functional blade


Sleek looks

Now a closer look at the Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder 

There are only a few things you need to consider when you buy a mixer-grinder. As long as the Bajaj Rex 500W ticks those boxes, we can be confident in our purchase. Let us look at those few checkboxes and see how the Bajaj Rex scales up to it.

  1. Design – Rex’s build quality, long-life, number of jars, and other useful accessories
  2. Performance – Bajaj Rex 500W motor’s ability to be useful around your kitchen. Grinding masalas, chutney, and batters for idli & dosa.
  3. Ease of use – Is it easy to clean? What about hands-free use?
  4. Support – What happens when you end up with a lemon (broken/repair piece)?


The Bajaj Rex 500W is no Mercedes Benz! But, it does not disappoint. While its white ABS body can take the color of the masala you are grinding, all it takes is a wet towel to restore its color. The base unit may not look as sleek as the Hamilton Beach 58770-IN, but hey, you paid only a tenth of its price for the Bajaj Rex 500W.

Build Quality & durability

Build quality

You cannot call the Bajaj Rex’s build outstanding. However, the Bajaj Rex is decently built. The ABS plastic that houses the 500W motor is durable, and all of Rex’s jars are SS. Overall, the Rex will serve you for many years if you take proper care of it. It is not flimsy nor solid and sits right in between the two extremes.

In the box

In the box

The Bajaj Rex 500W is an excellent value-for-money mixer. Bajaj ships the Rex with 3 jars, the base unit, a multi-functional blade, a liquidizing blade, a manual, and the warranty card.

Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder Jars


For a mixie that costs less than ₹2500, 3-jars is just amazing. These SS jars are good, the blade design does its job, and the jar handles are long-lasting. The small 0.3L chutney jar does not come with a handle (cost-cutting?), but the larger 1.2L and the 0.8L jars both have handles. Taking the hand of the lid while grinding will most certainly decorate your kitchen with batter as the jars-lids do not come with clips to hold them in place.

Bajaj Rex 500W Dimensions


Bajaj Rex 500W is not an elephant! At merely, 17 inches tall, the Rex is compact. 16.6 x 11.2 x 5.5 inches.

Bajaj Rex 500W Base unit

Base unit

Bajaj Rex’s base has vacuum feet for stability and grip. On the noise front, the ABS plastic body does not offer any soundproofing. You will hear Rex’s 500W motor even as it grinds away. Look-wise, the base unit is not bad.


At 500W, the Bajaj Rex’s motor is at best one of the least powerful in the market. Hey, who cares if it costs less than ₹2500! While the 500W motor may struggle with harder items, it should handle chores on most occasions.

Controls and Speed

Control and Speed

Like 95% of the mixer grinders in India, the Bajaj Rex 500W comes with a 3-speed control knob and a pulse option. It lacks features such as overload protection, internal cooling, auto cut-off, etc.

Silky smooth juices

Blending - Soups, juices, and smoothies

The Bajaj Rex 500W does a fine job in blending things together. Your banana or apple smoothie will be silky smooth. Throw anything soft (like a fruit), the Rex dispatches it with relative ease. It does a decent job in making coconut chutneys.

Wet grinding

Wet grinding - Idli and Dosa Batter

For the Bajaj Rex’s 500W motor, idli and dosa batter are a little far-fetched. Make no mistake, while the Rex can grind out the batter if you are willing to wait. By wait, we mean… Do it in two or three rounds as the Rex cannot make the batter at one shot.

Dry grinding

Dry grinding - Masala

The Bajaj Rex 500W dispatches pepper, biryani masala, and masala for every other dish with ease. Sadly, the Rex struggles with harder items like turmeric. Even if the morning alarm clock fails, dry grinding in the Rex will get your family up and running early. This is a noisy mixie.

Ease of use

The Bajaj Rex 500W is easy to use. The jars fit the base unit with ease, and the lids are easy to use. However, this is not a hands-free unit. Don’t take your hands off the lid while grinding.

Mess free cleaning


The jars are easy to clean. You will need to be careful when cleaning the blades as they can cut and injure. After each use, remember to wipe the base unit with a wet towel.

Safety ensured


The ABS plastic offers excellent insulation. But features like an auto cut-off, jar lid locks, overload protection, etc., are amiss in the Bajaj Rex 500W.


    Bajaj customer support is average at best. Searching through Amazon reviews, we could find several unhappy and frustrated customers. We wish, as consumers, that the product support improves.

    Conclusion: Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder review 

    Bajaj Rex 500W with Nutri-pro

    It is easy to see why the Bajaj Rex 500W is #1 on Amazon’s top-selling mixer grinder list. The Rex is durable, easy to use, and comes at an affordable price, making it the best value-for-money mixer grinder in India. Remember, a mixie that costs less than ₹2500 will not be perfect. Please leave a comment if you liked (or disliked) our review of the Bajaj Rex 500W Nutri-pro. 

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