Great Dane price in India

Great Danes playing

Instantly recognizable, the tallest dog in the world and gentle giant are the hallmarks of this majestic dog breed. Great Dane is a breed of the domestic dog from Germany. Renowned for its height, this breed is the tallest dog breed in the world.

In India, the Great Dane is one of the popular dog breeds. People love their giant size, deep bark that sounds like thunder, love for kids, and docile nature. If you are someone who is into large dogs, look no further than the Great Dane.

In this post, Great Dane price in India, we take you through all that you need to know when you bring home a Great Dane puppy, including all the expenses you will incur when you become a pet parent. Watch out! The larger the dog, the more expensive it will be to maintain.

Your entire family, especially children, will love this gentle giant. In return, this large dog will reward you by being a loving companion and a loyal guardian for your family. 

Never forget, while having a Great Dane as your pet is lovely, it is also a responsibility. Great Dane puppies are just like us and need our love and care.

Most of us are guilty of assuming that our costs stop after buying a Great Dane puppy. In reality, your expenses begin only after this large dog comes home. Dog food for your Great Dane will be your highest recurring expense.

What is the cost of a Great Dane in India? 

Great Danes are a popular dog breed in India. Due to their enormous size, people living in city apartments don’t prefer this dog. On the other hand, this dog is trendy in suburban areas where people live in independent villas.

Due to their large size and popularity, Great Danes are also one of the most abused in India. Puppy mills often sell Great Dane mix puppy as a purebred dog.

Due to their large size and popularity, expect the Great Dane price in India to be high. The average cost of a Great Dane pup in India ranges between ₹22,000 to ₹40,000. 

A Great Dane pup’s price depends on several factors, such as the city where you buy it from, the puppy’s quality, the breeder’s reputation, the bloodline (European Great Dane and American Great Dane), etc. Also, you will find some of the best Great Dane bloodlines in the world in India. Don’t be surprised if a top reputable breeder demands well over ₹60,000 for his litter. 

Factors that influence the price of a Great Dane puppy 

The following are the crucial factors that influence the price of a Great Dane puppy.

  • Show quality VS pet quality – A Great Dane puppy’s price depends on its quality. Breeders use “quality” to define how closely a Great Dane puppy conforms to its breed standards. The Kennel Club of India recognizes the Great Dane breed and certifies its pedigree. Remember, the KCI follows UKC (United Kennel Club) breed standards.
  • Male Great Dane versus female pup – In India, a male Great Dane puppy will cost you more than a female Great Dane puppy. Choose a puppy that best suits your family. There are no tangible differences in temperament between the two.
  • Breeder – Buying your puppy from a reputable breeder will cost you more. Only a reputable breeder can ensure that you get a dog with a top pedigree. Many pet lovers get fooled into buying a mixed breed or crossbreed.
  • Bloodlines – Due to their popularity across the globe, several popular bloodlines exist. In India, you will find Great Danes from top American, European, Canadian, and Australian bloodlines. The most common is the American bloodline. 
  • Demand – The price of a Great Dane also depends on the need. These dogs are popular in large cities, so expect prices to be higher in metros than in rural areas. 

Why should you trust our Great Dane price in India? 

Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet. We agree, 100%. So why trust The following are some of the reasons why you should trust our Great Dane puppy price in India.

  • We have nothing to gain by providing this information. Our sole motive is to provide accurate and relevant information to dog owners across the country. is not a pet shop or a kennel. 
  • We have over 30 years of experience in the Indian pet industry. We know how it works!
  • We are dog lovers with lots of hands-on experience to share.
  • We also work hand-in-hand with other dog breeders, dog brokers, and vets in India.

Above all, we love Danes and want to share our experience with others like us.

A brief look at Great Dane in India 

Great Dane Dog

Fun fact: The tallest dog to ever walk the planet was a Great Dane named  Zeus. This Dane stood 44 inches (3.6 feet) at the shoulder and measured an incredible 7 feet and 5 inches when standing on his hind legs. Zeus holds the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest dog in the world.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the Great Dane as; “The Great Dane combines, in its regal appearance, strength, and elegance with great size and a powerful, well-formed, smoothly muscled body.”

Despite their giant size, the Great Dane is a gentle dog. They are not an aggressive breed. Great Dane has a great love for its human family and will form close bonds with everyone. If you have kids at home, don’t worry, a Great Dane will tolerate ear pulling and abuse from kids lovingly.

Great Danes are also compatible with other pets. Danes will happily accept other dogs, even cats, and other pet animals. Surprisingly Danes, due to their size, are not agile. Watch out! Never over-exercise your Great Dane puppy. 

Also, this dog is well suited for India. Their short coats help them thrive in our weather, and don’t need any special care like a German Shepherd.

Great Dane Temperament

When we look at a Great Dane, we often incorrectly assume an aggressive dog. Instead, a Great Dane is gentle, loving, docile, and affectionate. This dog’s original purpose was to hunt large wild game like wild boars, bears, and wolves. The historical Great Dane was a boarhound and a catch dog.

The modern Great Dane, on the other hand, is different. The old aggressive temperament is no longer present. Being a large dog is not without its limitations. Unlike a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever, this dog not agile or active. Most Great Dane dog owners complain about a lazy and sleepy dog. 

Remember, you should always closely monitor kids when they are with your Great Dane. Due to their large size, Danes can easily trip kids or can whip them with their tails.

Great Dane health in India

A Great Dane’s unusual size causes several health issues for this breed. They have a short life span of 6 to 8 years, with an average life span of about five years. Heartbreak breed is their unpopular nickname due to their short life span.

Rapid growth puts pressure on their entire system, especially their bones. As a Great Dane owner, you must learn about the proper diet for your dog.  

Like all giant dogs, Great Danes also need high-quality, nutritious food. If you plan on buying a Great Dane or own a puppy, please read and buy the essential items from the table below.

Heart issues, bloat, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, deafness, and blindness are some of the health ailments seen on this dog. Watch out! The beautiful Harlequin Great Dane puppy gets its coloring from the merle gene. Harlequin Great Danes have one copy of the merle gene. Two copies of the merle gene result in excessive white markings and several health issues.

A pet lover should learn about the breed before buying a puppy. Never walk into a pet store and walk out with a Great Dane puppy. Learn all about the Great Dane breed before bringing one home. The following are vital aspects of pet ownership.

  • Provide your dog with high-quality dog food
  • Provide a safe place for your Great Dane to live
  • Provide physical exercise for it lead a healthy life

The cost of owning dogs in India is increasing, and as a pet parent, you need to have a solid financial plan to enjoy joyous ownership.

Great Dane dog price

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual cost (₹)Food cost * (₹)Vet cost * (₹)Grooming cost * (₹)Accessories cost * (₹)Treat cost * (₹)Insurance cost * (₹)Others * (₹)
Mumbai25,00050,000 1,30,8008,700500300400300400300
Delhi24,50049,500 1,29,6008,600500300400300400300
Bangalore24,00048,500 1,27,2008,400500300400300400300
Hyderabad23,50048,000 1,26,0008,300500300400300400300
Ahmedabad23,50047,500 1,24,8008,200500300400300400300
Chennai23,50047,000 1,23,6008,100500300400300400300
Kolkata23,00047,000 1,23,6008,100500300400300400300
Surat21,00042,000 1,06,8007,900300100200100200100
Pune21,00041,500 1,05,6007,800300100200100200100
Jaipur21,00041,500 1,05,6007,800300100200100200100
Lucknow21,00041,500 1,05,6007,800300100200100200100
Kanpur21,00041,500 1,05,6007,800300100200100200100
Nagpur21,00041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Indore20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Thane20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Bhopal20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Visakhapatnam22,50046,000 1,21,2007,900500300400300400300
Patna20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Vadodara20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Ghaziabad20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Ludhiana20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Agra20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Nashik20,50041,000 1,04,4007,700300100200100200100
Srinagar20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Allahabad20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Howrah20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Ranchi20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Coimbatore22,50045,500 1,20,0007,800500300400300400300
Vijayawada20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Chandigarh20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Mysore22,50045,500 1,20,0007,800500300400300400300
Gurgaon20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Bhubaneswar20,50040,500 1,03,2007,600300100200100200100
Noida22,50045,500 1,20,0007,800500300400300400300
Kochi22,50045,500 1,20,0007,800500300400300400300

Reading the Great Dane price list 

  • The cost of the Great Dane is adjusted based on the cost of living expenses in these cities.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees
  • ** Does not include the initial Great Dane puppy price
  • * Average monthly cost

Absolute Great Dane essentials that a pet parent must have 

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How to read our Great Dane puppy price in all major cities in India?

Old Great Dane

There are no standard prices for Great Danes in India. Each Great Dane breeder set a price for his litter based on factors such as 

  • His reputation in the market
  • The pedigree of his dogs
  • Bloodline
  • Expenses he incurs

As a dog breeder and pet owner with several years of experience in India, we know all the dynamics in pricing a litter. More importantly, we know how much it costs to provide proper care for a Great Dane. By proper care, we assume the following.

  • English Great Dane puppy from verified dog breeders – Our price assumes a purebred Great Dane puppy is from a genuine breeder with KCI papers. A puppy mill will sell their mixed breed Great Dane puppies for much less. Our Great Dane price list ignores such cases. 
  • Cost for providing the best care for your Great Dane puppy – You can be the best pet parent or an awful one. We assume that you will spend money to provide adequate care for your Dane. 
  • Cost of high-quality dog food – Our puppy price assumes that you will provide your Dane with high-quality dog food. 

In short, when you read our post, kindly assume that the prices indicated here considers what is best for your Great Dane and not your pocket. 

How to choose an original Great Dane in India? 

Remember, all puppies, pure, mixed, and cross, look cute. A Fawn Great Dane puppy will closely resemble an Indian Pariah puppy. It is impossible to know the pedigree of a litter by looking at them. The only way to be sure that your Great Dane is a purebred pup and not a crossbreed is to do the following.

  • Choose a healthy Great Dane puppy. Never pick a puppy that is nervous or looks unhealthy.
  • Learn about the Great Dane breed before buying a puppy. You can read its breed standard to identify faults.
  • The only acceptable colors are fawn, brindle (looks like a tiger), harlequin, black, mantle (Boston), and Blue. Never buy a pure white Great Dane puppy as it white-colored dogs tend to have genetic disorders.
  • Buy only from a trusted breeder.
  • Never buy from a pet shop directly. Ask the pet store owner to take you to the breeder and insist on meeting the parent dogs. 

Factors that influence the total cost of ownership of Great Dane

Let us now look at all the factors that influence a Great Dane price in India. Being a dog owner is a joyful and rewarding experience. Learning about all the costs involved will help you plan your budget better. Remember, owning a Dane is a responsibility and is expensive. Only buy a dog if you can take care of it. Never buy a Great Dane puppy on impulse. 

Great Puppy price

The Great Dane puppy price will be your first expense. Pedigree puppies and puppies from top bloodlines are expensive and are available only from good and trusted breeders. 

Please choose your puppy only from a top breeder. Only from a good breeder, you can expect a purebred pup. Watch out! Don’t go overboard and spend a lot of money buying a show quality Great Dane puppy. Most of us need only pet quality puppies. A pet quality Dane puppy has some minor flaws, don’t worry, unless you intend for dog shows, get a pet quality puppy. 

Remember, only one or two puppies from a litter are show quality, and the rest are pet quality puppies. Don’t let the breeder fool you by claiming all his puppies are show worthy. Also, pet quality does not mean a mixed breed. The following factors influence the Dane puppy price.

  • The Great Dane breeder – His reputation and the bloodline of his dogs
  • The quality of the puppy – Show versus pet quality 
  • A male pup versus female pup

The reputation of the breeder

There are good breeders and top breeders. A Great Dane puppy from a top breeder will be much more expensive than a good breeder. The breeder’s reputation plays a vital role in the Great Dane price.

For a top Dane breeder, his dog’s welfare will be paramount, and they spare no expense in providing the best care for his dogs. Also, top Dane breeders have dogs from the best bloodlines and carry top pedigrees. Hence, they charge a premium for their litter.

Quality of the Great Dane pup

When it comes to puppy prices, the better the bloodline more expensive the dog. Talk to multiple breeders, and it will help you understand top bloodlines in India. We recommend that you choose a dog from the American bloodline.

You can also search on the internet about the dog’s pedigree to verify breeders’ claims. Madras Canine Club, for instance, has all the show winners listed on their website. Since dog shows are popular, you can ask the breeder to show newspaper clippings or photos that show that their Danes were show winners.

Watch out! a litter from a show winner will be several thousand rupees higher than non-show winners dogs. Unless you are very particular about the quality of your Dane pup, get a pet quality puppy.

Male versus female pup

We don’t have any recommendation on which is better. Male Great Dane pups tend to be more active and than female Danes. On the other hand, female Danes are more attentive and protective. These differences are very subtle. As a pet parent, you will not be able to notice these differences. Male Great Dane pups are costlier (₹3,000 to ₹5,000 higher) than female Danes. Plan your budget accordingly.

The place from which you buy your Dane puppy

Black Dane puppy

You can buy your Great Dane from any one of the below places. We recommend that you buy from a good Dane breeder.

Pet Store

You will find Great Danes in your city. Due to their popularity, this breed is found all across India. Watch out! Most pet shops work with puppy farms in mass-producing (literally!) mixed Dane puppies.

Never buy your puppy directly from a pet shop. Never buy from anyone but a responsible Dane breeder. Pet shops look at only making money and can never guarantee the purity of the litter. 

Some pet shops even claim to have KCI papers, don’t fall into that trap. They buy KCI papers of a deceased Dane puppy from shady breeders and use it on their litter. Buy your dog from a pet store only after ensuring the following.

  • Insist on meeting the breeder. If the pet shop owner does not allow or claims that he is the breeder, stay away.  
  • If he takes you to the breeder, ask to meet the puppy’s parents along with the puppy.
  • Verify facts. Most pet shops will claim that they have show winner puppies. Ask them for proof.

Great Dane from a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills (quite literally) mass-produce Great Dane puppies and sell them. They operate only for profit and don’t give any care to their dogs. Stay away from a puppy mill at all costs. 

It is easy to spot a puppy mill. Since their only goal is to sell their puppy, they will haggle over price. They often claim show winner, purebred puppy, European line, American line, etc. don’t fall for their ploys. 

Dog broker 

The next best place (after reputable breeders) is to buy your pup through a dog broker. Did you know, a majority of Great Dane sales in India happen through brokers? Brokers work with multiple Dane breeders in their locality and have an excellent knowledge of the dogs’ pedigree that they sell.

Without brokers, it is impossible (even for top breeders) to sell their pups. The good thing about buying your puppy from a broker is the choices you get. Since they work with several breeders, you get to select your Great Dane from multiple litters. 

The best place to buy your Great Dane – Reputable Breeders

There is no better place to buy your Dane than from a reputable breeder. Find a reputable Dane breeder and if they don’t have a litter, wait. If you want worry-free ownership, choose your Great Dane puppy from a reputable breeder. 

Buying your dog from a reputable breeder has several pros, such as.

  • Purity, pedigree, top bloodline, and quality 
  • Less chance of health issues when your dog grows up
  • A good breeder will provide guidance and answer questions

You can find top breeders on Top Dane breeders also register their kennel with KCI. Buy your puppy from your city and not from a different city. Also, never make payments online before you see the puppy.

Regular home breeders

Regular breeders are serious dog fanciers who breed their Great Danes occasionally. They are not professional breeders but people who own top quality dogs and breed them as a hobby. 

Buying your Dane from a home breeder is an excellent choice. Talk to dog brokers in your area to find one. Buying from a home breeder has several pros, such as

  • Top Dane puppy at a low price
  • Dogs with the right mental and physical character
  • Guidance from the dog owner

Other recurring Great Dane costs

The following are additional costs that you will incur when you own a Great Dane in India.

The dog food cost

Great Danes need proper nutrition (fit for their age and weight) to reach their best shape. Since this is a giant breed, we recommend that you buy a top dog food such as the Royal Canin dog food. Don’t compromise on the quality of the dog food.

Food for your Dane will be your single highest monthly expense. Dogs need protein-rich food. Kindly don’t assume that your puppy can thrive only on homemade food. Danes are prone to several health issues; choose the best dog food for your puppy.

We recommend that you read our top dog food review in India to learn all about feeding your dog. On average, expect your monthly food cost to be between ₹8,500 to ₹10,500 depending on the dog food brand you choose. 

Vet cost for your Great Dane

Before you buy your puppy, find a vet near you. A vet can give you facts about this breed’s health, which should give you an idea about your medical expenses. 

Expect your average annual medical expense to be around ₹10,000.

The following will be your medical expenses for your Great Dane.

  • Vaccination expense
  • Deworming 
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Others

Vaccination cost

Your Great Dane will need vaccinations against common canine diseases found in India. Parvovirus is a deadly disease that affects puppies less than six months of age. Never take your puppy out for a walk before its vaccination. Your Dane puppy can easily pick up deadly diseases as they sniff around.

Parvo is a fatal disease that spreads through the soil. Check with your dog breeder to know if your Dane had the Parvo vaccine. Always complete all the vaccines for your puppy on time. Get a vaccination card from your vet. It will help you to keep track of the vaccinations. Each vaccine in India costs between ₹750 to ₹1,500. 

Neutering/Spaying cost 

Spaying or sterilizing your Dane has several health benefits for your Great Dane. We recommend that you sterilize your dog if you don’t intend to breed your dog. Please note, breeding dogs is not for everyone, and don’t assume that you can make money from your dog by breeding. Breeding Great Danes are super expensive.

Neutering is a surgical procedure that requires expert vet care. Don’t opt to spay your dog if you don’t have good veterinary care in your city. 

The cost of neutering varies from one city to another. In smaller Indian cities, it can cost you between ₹4,000 to ₹6,000, whereas in metros, it can cost up to ₹12,000. 

Deworming and other medical expenses

Deworm your Dane regularly. Deworming will help your dog to retain nutrition from its food. The deworming dosage is proportional to your Great Dane’s body weight. Your vet will be able to guide you with the correct dosage.

Worming medicine is not expensive; each tablet will cost you approx ₹100.

All puppies are playful and sometimes hurt themselves while playing. Be ready with antiseptic sprays, bandages, and Savlon. 

In addition to this, you will also need

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids. Approx ₹500
  • Ticks and flea powder, shampoos, etc. Approx ₹1,500

Grooming cost 

Great Dane’s short coat does not require much care. Grooming your Dane once a week should help you to manage its shedding. Never bathe your dog more than once a month. Don’t make the mistake of using human soaps and shampoos on your Great Dane puppy.

Accessories cost 

Your dog will need items such as a towel, bed, collar & leash, food & water bowls, and play toys. You can expect the accessories cost to be approx ₹4,500.

Training cost

We recommend that you hire a trainer for your dog, and it will cost you approx ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 per month. Since this is a large breed, we recommend that you train your dog to obey basic commands. Basic obedience will help you control your gentle giant when you take it out on walks.

Treat cost 

We don’t recommend commercial treats for your puppy. Homemade treats such as eggs, cheese, paneer, meat, and veggies are better and healthier.

Dog insurance cost in India

We recommend that you get health insurance coverage for your Great Dane. Having dog insurance will give you peace of mind and will protect you financially.

Get a pet insurance policy with a theft cover to protect your investment. Read our extensive post about pet insurance in India to choose the best pet insurer in India.

Pet health insurance from will cost you between ₹10,000 to ₹12,000, while Bajaj Allianz will be cheaper at less than ₹1500. 

Dog walking and other services cost

In India, you can hire a dog walker for your Great Dane puppy. A dog walker will charge you ₹500 to ₹1,500 per month. Remember, never over-exercise your Great Dane. Too much exercise can damage their bones. Also, this dog breed is prone to bloat, so wait for 40 minutes after its meal to play or to walk your Dane.

Travel cost

The best way to travel is to take your Dane along in your car or take the train. Indian Railways allows pets in separate coaches. If you don’t plan to take your Dane along, you can choose a boarding kennel or a dog hotel while you are away. Chennai has some excellent dog boarding kennels.

Alternatives to a Great Danes in India

You can consider these breeds if you are unable to find a Great Dane in your city.

Remember, native Indian dog breeds are also an excellent choice. Indian dogs thrive in our weather and are easy to maintain.

Conclusion: Great Dane dog price in India

Great Dane Adult

Great Dane is a majestic and elegant dog breed with a gentle and loving nature. Also, their giant size means an impressive guard dog at your home. Overall, an excellent family dog that will be a delightful and affectionate member of your household.

Remember, Great Danes need special care due to their poor health. If you are a first-time dog owner, learn about this dog’s health before you buy one. Owning a Great Dane will be expensive. You can expect your annual expense for your dog to be more than ₹1,00,000.