Author: Robert F

Review of Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder

This post is a closer look at the Bajaj Rex mixer grinder to know what makes it the #1 in Amazon’s bestseller mixer grinder list. With a 500W motor, 3 jars, good enough build quality, attractive pricing, Bajaj has pulled off the perfect mixer grinders for the average Indian home.

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Dalmatian price in India

Dalmatians became popular in India due to the Hollywood hit movie 101 Dalmatian. Originally a hunting dog, the Dalmatian comes in two colors black and liver. Large, gentle, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and playful, a Dalmatian is an excellent choice for an Indian home.
Dalmatians are from Croatia, where they are used as hunting dogs and war dogs. In ancient times people relied on this dog to guard their homes. Historical records suggest that this dog was once used to guard Dalmatia’s borders. Dalmatian, except for its spots, resembles the Indian sighthound, Rajapalayam, closely.

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