German Shepherd price in India

German Shepherd in India

If you are looking to buy a German Shepherd and wanting to understand the German Shepherd price in India, you are in the right place. We at have extensive experience in breeding and selling for German Shepherds. We have a deep understanding of the various costs involved in maintaining German Shepherds in India.

In this post, we address the following.

  • The total cost of ownership for German Shepherds in India
  • German Shepherd puppy price
  • All associated costs in maintaining GSDs
  • German Shepherd price in all major Indian cities

GSDs are one of the most popular dogs in India. This dog’s intelligence, loving nature, loyalty, and ability to guard our homes makes them highly desirable. We urge you to read our post on German Shepherd in India to get a complete picture of GSDs in India.

Remember, the cost of a German Shepherd puppy in India varies from one city to another. In India, GSDs are expensive dogs, the average annual cost of a GSD will be over one lakh rupees without including the GSD puppy price. A GSD puppy depending on its quality, and the location will cost you ₹18,000 to ₹40,000.

GSD puppy price in India

You need to consider several factors affecting the price of a German Shepherd dog puppy. Factors such as

  • The GSD puppy quality – A show quality puppy conforms to German Shepherd breed standards and is expensive compared to pet quality puppies. If you are looking for a household pet, then pet quality puppy is a better choice.
  •  Breeder reputation – We recommend that you buy your GSD from a reputable breeder. While the price might be higher, buying it from a top kennel or a reputable breeder will ensure worry-free ownership.
  • Demand and Location – GSDs are in high need in India. The price of a German Shepherd is higher in the metro cities of India.

German Shepherd price list in India

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Annual cost** (₹)Food cost* (₹)Vet cost* (₹)Grooming cost* (₹)Accessories cost* (₹)Treat cost* (₹)Insurance cost* (₹)Others* (₹)

Reading the German Shepherd price list in all major Indian cities

  • Cost of German Shepherd adjusted based on the cost of living expenses in these cities.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees
  • ** Does not include the puppy cost
  • * Average monthly cost

Understanding the German Shepherd cost in India

GSD Black puppy

When we are on the lookout to buy a German Shepherd in India. Most of us stop at the initial cost of a GSD puppy and miss to account for recurring expenses. Remember, German Shepherds, are large dogs that grow rapidly. The larger the dog, the more expensive it is.

A full-grown adult German Shepherd can weigh as much as 35 kgs and needs up to 2200 calories per day. You also need to account for their foreign origins. These dogs are not like the native Indian dog breeds that can thrive on homemade food and live happily in our hot and humid climate. Hence, understanding the total cost of ownership for a GSD will help you to plan your budget before you buy a GSD puppy.

How to read our German Shepherd price list across all major cities in India? 

A German Shepherd puppy price depends on several factors. Dog prices in India vary much based on several factors. We at want our post, the GSD puppy price in India, to set guidelines for the buyer and seller of GSDs in India. 

As breeders of German Shepherds, we have an in-depth understanding of the costs that a breeder typically incurs. We hope to use our knowledge to establish useful guidelines for sellers and buyers of German Shepherds in India.

We also know that German Shepherd prices can vary significantly. For instance, a puppy from imported German Shepherds can cost you between ₹60,000 to more than ₹1,00,000. We consider these variances in price as exceptions than the norm. Our German Shepherd price list, on the other hand, works on averages.

Factors that influence the GSD price in India 

People choose German Shepherds as pets for several reasons. In India, a German Shepherd plays multiple roles. It can be a guard dog, companion dog, protection dog, and family dog. Most people in India choose the GSD as a guard dog that can also double up as a companion dog. This dog is one of the most popular guard dogs in India.

Remember, German Shepherds have a double coat, which makes it hard for them during hot summer months. Also, GSDs are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. In contrast, they are not as aggressive as a Rottweiler or a Pitbull but will require experienced handlers. This dog is not for a novice or first-time dog owners. You will not be able to manage this a GSD without prior experience.

If you are looking to buy a German Shepherd puppy, it is vital to understand all the costs involved. An exotic dog such as the GSD is expensive to maintain. You must consider the below factors when you plan your finances.

German Shepherd Puppy cost

GSD Puppy for sale

GSDs, due to their popularity as a loyal family dog, fetch a premium price. The initial GSD puppy price depends on the following. 

  • The reputation of the breeder 
  • The lineage of the puppy
  • The quality of the puppy – A show quality puppy can cost twice as much as pet quality. 
  • The city from where you buy the GSD puppy 
  • Kennel Club of India certification

The average cost of a German Shepherd in India is between ₹15,000 to ₹40,000. German Shepherd variants such as the White Shepherd, King Shepherd, bush coat German Shepherd, working line German Shepherd costs between ₹25,000 to ₹60,000.

The breeder

There is a big difference in price when you buy a GSD from reputable breeders versus pet shop. India is home to some of the best GSDs in the world. Dogs from top Indian Kennels can be expensive.

Finding the right breeder is the most critical aspect when you are looking to buy a GSD. GSDs are prone to hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The sloping top line of the modern GSD causes stress to its spine. You want to ensure that your GSD puppy’s line does not have this deadly genetic disorder.

You should be able to find a German Shepherd puppy from any one of the following places in India.

  • Puppy mills or Breeders of profit
  • Pet shops
  • Brokers or the middlemen
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular home breeders

Puppy mill German Shepherd – Avoid at all costs

Puppy mills are horrible places that are run by people whose sole purpose is to make money. Their dogs are badly maintained, poorly fed, and kept alive only to produce puppies.

You want to avoid buying your German Shepherd puppy from such places. Most puppy mills don’t care about the quality of their breeding stock. These people buy genetically weak and crossbred GSDs for a low price and use these dogs as their breeding stock.

You can easily spot a puppy mill seller; his price is generally low, and they will never allow you to see the puppy with its mother. They use terms such as heavy bone, double coat, show quality, and show-winner to lure people.

Buying a large dog like the German Shepherd from places like these can result in severe problems down the road. Your puppy can have genetic issues or, worse, can turn out to be an aggressive dog. Don’t buy your puppy because the price is tempting. We know some puppy mills sell their GSD for as low as ₹6,000 and claim their puppy to be show winners.

Pet shops

GSD puppy price

Don’t make the mistake of window shopping for a GSD puppy. We recommend that you never rush into buying a puppy. GSDs are large dogs that will soon become part of your family. Don’t be hasty and pick up a puppy from a pet shop because it looks cute.

Not all pet shops are bad. Some pet shops belong to reputable breeders, but pet shops, in general, are not the place to get your GSD puppy. Never pay for a GSD puppy if you cannot see it along with its mother.

To verify if the pet shop is an authentic breeder of GSD, ensure the following.

  • Insist on meeting the GSD breeder and speaking to them about their dogs
  • Meet the puppy along with its mother. Look at the dog’s health and its environment.
  • Insist on KCI certification for both the puppy and the parents

Buying a GSD from a Broker

Getting connected with a dog breeder through a broker is a great idea. Talking to the broker about the GSD will help you understand its background. 

Did you know, most German Shepherd sales in India are through brokers. They play a vital role in bringing buyers to sellers. A good broker will take you to the dog breeder directly and be happy to answer all your queries. A broker typically makes a 10% to 15% commission from the resulting sale, a small price to pay when buying a large dog.

Buying a GSD from a reputable Breeder 

The best place to buy a German Shepherd in India today is from a reputable breeder. Most reputable breeders and top German Shepherd kennels in India are home to some of the top GSDs. 

While the price of the GSD might be higher, you can rest assured of its quality and health. We recommend that you buy your puppy from a breeder, and don’t worry about spending a few extra bucks. Remember, the additional money that you pay will guarantee a worry-free ownership experience for you.

How do I find a reputable German Shepherd breeder?

There are several reputable breeders of GSD in India. You can start your search at Most of the top GSD kennels have a listing in, along with their contact information. 

Regular home breeders

GSD pair

Regular home breeders are people who are in between professional breeders and pet shops. These are serious GSD fanciers who love their dogs and breed them at their homes.

If you are looking to buy a GSD, you can consider buying from regular breeders. We recommend that you get in touch with them directly or through a broker and speak to them about their dogs. Ask for KCI certificates to verify the lineage.

Once you make up your mind to buy a puppy, visit their home, and meet their dogs. If you are lucky, you can get a top-quality GSD at a low price.

The dog food factor 

Dog food for your GSD will be your highest recurring expense. For an exotic dog such as the German Shepherd, high-quality dog food is vital. GSDs on low-quality dog food never reach their full potential no matter from whom you buy the puppy. 

We recommend that you choose a brand that offers GSD breed-specific dog food. Your dog food cost will vary depending on the brand. Remember, GSDs don’t reach their impressive size if you feed them only homemade dog food. 

On average, expect your monthly dog food cost to be between ₹7,500 to ₹9,500. We recommend that you read our review of top dog food in India to choose the right dog food for your GSD.

The vet factor 

Before you buy a GSD puppy, it is good to visit a veterinarian near your home. Speaking with the vet will give you a good idea of all the medical expenses you can incur for a GSD.

The following are some of your recurring vet costs.

  • Vaccination cost
  • Deworming cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Others – Most GSDs in India require skincare at some point in their life.

Vaccination cost

One of the first things that you want to do after you bring home your GSD puppy is to get it vaccinated. GSD puppies need vaccination against parvovirus and rabies. Talk to your breeder to know which vaccines are due and get a vaccination card from your vet. GSD puppy vaccines costs between ₹750 to ₹1,500.

Neutering/Spaying cost 

If you don’t intend to breed your GSD, neutering helps avoid health issues in dogs. Breeding a German Shepherd is not easy, and we don’t recommend it. Breeding dogs is a responsibility. Improper breeding can have a devastating impact on the entire breed. Several native Indian dog breeds are near extinction due to incorrect breeding practices.

As a GSD breeder, you must know breed standards, genetics, and a deep understanding of these dogs’ mental makeup. Also, the cost associated with breeding GSDs in India is very high.

Remember, spaying is a surgical procedure. If you don’t have competent veterinary care in your city, we are not for it. Spaying can cost you between ₹7,000 to ₹10,000.

Deworming and other medical expenses 

Your GSD will need deworming every three months. Worming your German Shepherd ensures proper health and well being. Consult your vet on the worming medication and dosage. As the dosage size is proportional to the dog’s body weight.  

In |India, worming tablets are not expensive; each one will cost you approx ₹100. You can buy worming tablets online.

In addition, you will also need

  • Antiseptic spray, cotton, and band-aids. Approx ₹500
  • Ticks and flea powder. Approx ₹500
  • Shampoos, and conditioner. Approx ₹1,500
  • Ear drops to prevent ear infection. Approx ₹150

Grooming cost

Active GSD puppy

German Shepherds have a double coat and will require daily grooming. GSDs shed a lot of hair, shedding increases during summer. Without grooming, you will have dog fur in every corner of your home.

You will also need a high-quality dog shampoo for their hair. GSDs have sensitive skin, so choose a mild shampoo and avoid bathing your dog more than once each month. Grooming brushes are not expensive, but these are expenses that you will incur.

German Shepherd accessories cost

Your dog will need the following.

  • Collar and Leash
  • Training accessories
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys, tennis balls

Training cost

GSDs are an intelligent dog breed and are the 3rd most intelligent dog on the planet. Training a GSD is fun. This dog is an eager learner and is very smart. 

GSDs can learn a new command in less than five repetitions and enjoys learning new tricks. Employing a dog trainer can greatly benefit your dog and your family. It is fun to have a dog that can perform tricks and obey on cue. In India, a top GSD trainer will charge you ₹5,000 to ₹7,000.

Treat cost 

While treats are not expensive, these are vital for training your GSD puppy. Commercial dog treats can be costly. We prefer homemade treats. They are inexpensive and healthy for your dog. We recommend homemade treats such as boiled eggs, cheese, and cooked meat.

German Shepherd insurance cost 

We recommend insuring your German Shepherd. Insurance premium for a GSD covering medical expenses and liability will cost you ₹5,500 to ₹15,000 from Bajaj Allianz also offers pet insurance at an attractive price.

German Shepherd walking and other services cost

As a working dog, GSDs need their daily walk. These dogs cannot live in confinement and small apartments. Dog walking is a new booming industry in India. Dog walking services will cost you ₹500 to ₹1,500 per month, depending on your city.

Conclusion: German Shepherd dog price in India

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherds are one of the best dog breeds for an Indian home. They are loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and loving dogs. If you plan on buying a GSD, you must understand all the costs involved in maintaining one.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your expenses reduce after you buy the puppy. GSDs are expensive dogs to own; your monthly recurring cost for this dog will be high. We recommend that you fully understand the total cost of ownership for a GSD in India before you bring one home.